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Internal Medicine Associates of Lee County, MD, PA

  • Mission:

    Build an organization of independent physicians committed to working together to deliver high quality, efficient medical care in both inpatient and outpatient environments.

    Serve as advocate for independent physicians.

    Disseminate information regarding local healthcare issues.

    We invite you to visit our website, for further information.  We also encourage you to participate in our discussion forums.  We need input from physicians and other interested parties to shape the future of medical care in Lee County.

  • Vision:
    • Create a referral service for independent physician practices
    • Preserve patient choice by making available personalized, quality medical care
    • Encourage development of efficient, cost effective care models
    • Take leadership positions in local healthcare delivery issues
    • Encourage adoption and integration of electronic medical records by all physician practices and hospitals
    • Encourage the use of evidence based medicine
    • Participate in collaborative efforts to improve medical care efficiency
    • Share "best practice" experiences to benefit all providers
    • Facilitate a healthy, productive dialog with the local hospital board and administration
    • Support graduate medical education programs in the community